It’s not over until you win.

Getting from where you are to where you want to go is all about direction. However, as I adventure through life one thing I’ve learned along the way is that you can gas up for the ride but eventually you will run out of fuel. At the start of my college career I adopted a philosophy which was “Failure is not an option”. Although, I knew that failure was possible, that philosophy was motivation for me to never give up. You see there is a difference between failing and giving up versus failing and trying again.

Here is a secret about life that you should know: no matter how tough you are or how smart you may be, life will knock you down. You can plan your next move or plan out your life but you can’t plan for the unexpected; hence the term unexpected. Hopefully I have your attention by now because this is something you will need to know and take with you as you journey through life. If you are in the process of building your dream or becoming a better person there is a possibility that you will fail and fall down at some point in your life. The journey will not always be easy and may be hard at times. But don’t let this discourage you because even the most successful dream chasers hit a couple of bumps in the road. You might get some scratches, bruises and wounds during the process. What do you do when life knocks you down? You find the courage to get back up again. The answer is simple but the concept can be difficult to grasp depending on one’s circumstances at that time. But it’s possible and so is making your dreams come true.


While in the midst of accomplishing our dreams, there are many unforeseen obstacles one must go through.

We have to overcome many battles in order to finish what we’ve set out to achieve. 

Will it be easy? No.

Will you make some mistakes? Yes.

Will it get hard? Yes.

Will you want to give up? Yes.

Will you fall down? Yes, several times as a matter of fact! 

But you must continue to get up and never give up


You must reach deep down inside and find the courage to stand up! 

Although everything around you can be falling apart, it takes courage not to give up. 

It takes courage to smile when your world is crashing down.

It takes courage to try again when all you have done is failed.

It takes courage to face your biggest fears.

Listen, it takes courage just to live life.

Most of all it takes courage to live your dream.

You may not succeed the first time, and may even fail again the second time, but you must have the courage to try again.

No matter how many times you fall down, no matter how many times you fail, eventually your dreams will come true if you keep trying.

So never give up on your dreams because it’s not over until you win.

Fall seven times and have the courage to stand up eight.

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