This is where I leave you….

The end became known as the adventure grew dull. Perhaps, I have traveled this road far enough. Oh! This path looks familiar and soon it will never be the same. I contemplated why I can’t continue. Lost in thought, I pondered where I stood and stared one last time down this road as far as I could. I have seen how far this road could take me until my eyes could see no more. Although I am forever grateful where this road has taken me yet I know there is more that awaits me. My journey has brought me far and yet I am not content with where I am neither am I satisfied with the way things are. There is a sense of emptiness from the goals I have yet to accomplish along with the dreams I hope will soon come true. I consider it a blessing to start a new chapter as this one comes to an end. As I reflect one last time before I begin my pursuit. I will take with me this moment for soon it will just be a memory and life as we know it will never be the same.

Though I am greatly focused on the road ahead I will never forget the people I’ve met along the way, the experiences we’ve shared, the lessons I’ve learned, the memories we’ve made and the lives I’ve changed .

This is my story and as one chapter ends, a new chapter begins. You must die every day and awaken to a new beginning. Cherish every moment!

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