Thoughts of a fighter

“Why am I doing this?” – is the question I often ask myself. 

You can be fighting for so long that you soon forget what you are fighting for. In other words, every so often I have to remind myself of what I’ve set out to accomplish so I don’t lose sight of my goal(s). I don’t want to wake up one day and ask myself, “Why am I here?” I do not want to come to the realization that I am fighting without a purpose, fighting just to be fighting. My biggest fear is that I will find myself in the fight but not actually fighting anymore only because I have forgotten what I am fighting for. If you are a fighter and I hope you are, it will come a point in life where all you know how to do is fight – fight to survive – fight to the finish – fight till the end – fight till you can’t fight anymore. Then you will ask yourself, “why am I fighting because this fight seems like it will never end.” 

When the nights become dark 
And the lights are dimmed low 
When the lonely fighter becomes restless 
But tiredness emotions he will never show
With relentless perseverance the fighter keeps on fighting 
For one day he hopes to learn what he was fighting for.  – Thoughts of a fighter 

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