Thoughts of a Fighter: Days When Wins Feel Like Loses

As the sky turns grey, he sighs and secretly weeps within.

He longs for rest but never sleeps.

He lay awake all alone throughout the quiet nights listening to his troublesome thoughts.

He is deeply distressed by the awareness of his own reality.

For the fighter knows what is to come but wonders how long shall it last.

He questioned not the strength of his faith but only himself.

His only desire is to never grow weary in fulfilling his duties.

Although, he is committed to never giving up while fulfilling his duties; the guilt of not being good enough weighs heavy on his shoulders.

From time to time wins can feel like loses because of how much you had to endure. Mentally fatigued and physically exhausted. Don’t ever underestimate how much the fight will cost you. The fight will drain every ounce of strength in your body and you will bear the pain while still trying to keep it together to the very end. Especially on days when wins feel like loses.

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