Free Me From My Troubles Part II: The thoughts of a troubled mind, I escaped.

This is part 2 of my blog “Free Me From My Troubles”. Please Please click the link for part 1.

Oh, how I wish to run away and be free; leaving all of my worldly duties behind. The constant flow of emails, phone calls, meetings, my increasingly hectic schedule, and the never ending deadlines. The things that bring me such agony that the mere thought of them makes me grieve.

I sighed as I began to day dream of a different life. A life of no troubles, worries, and burdens. I smiled for the first time as I stared out the window into the cloudy sky. My heart was carried from that life to this one as my mind entered into a peaceful state.

I heard a voice say “close your eyes and listen to the wind blowing in the meadow of green grass”.

I felt a gentle breeze rush through the pores of my skin as my troubles slowly drifted away. I found a spot to lay my weary body.

There I was content in my own company, free, serene, untroubled; surrounded only by my sweetest thoughts.

I fled the bitter storms of reality to free my mind from the load that wearied it. My heart was untrammeled by a single care.

The thoughts of a troubled mind, I escaped. At last, I WAS FREE.

The End.

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