The Journey: Lost in the Midst of Confusion

Life is not all about the destination but I believe it is about “The Journey”. It is about the lessons learned, the people you meet, and discovering your purpose.

But often times we come to a point in life where we feel lost and confused.

Feeling lost and confused throughout our journey here on earth can be hard to understand at times.

We search for directions when we feel lost and seek understanding when we are confused.

And sometimes the path we seek to travel may occasionally get re-directed and we don’t understand just why.

Maybe the path we desire to walk is not the path that God meant for us to travel.

God often will re-route our GPS to keep us on the right path.

During the midst of confusion is when we find direction, clarity, and even ourselves.

I encourage you to have faith in the process.

Everything will work out in the end, maybe not how you planned but just how it’s meant to be.

So, continue to put one foot in front of the other and press forward.


The best part about this journey is that it gets better as we keep going.

But you will never know if you give up now

Enjoy Your Journey.

Thank you for reading OwnTheMoment!

Author: Fredrick Thompson

4 thoughts on “The Journey: Lost in the Midst of Confusion

  1. Hi Fred! I hope you are finding direction… You seem to have your feelings and thoughts aligned with the purpose you were meant to find. Hope all is going well in your new position!


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    1. Hey there Ryan. All is well with me and the the new position is going great. My purpose is leading me in the right direction. I hope things are getting better for everyone over there.


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