Being planted in the process.

One of the toughest stages to go through in life is when you are being planted. But, a seed must first be planted before it can grow and flourish. And just like a seed you also must be planted before you can grow and prosper. When you are being planted there is a process that you must go through. Whether you are building your dream or becoming a better person. There is so much more that’s inside of you that’s required in order to achieve your dreams and accomplish your goals. And the only way to unleash what’s on the inside of you is to go through a process.

The process will not be easy, and it may become scary at times. You may find yourself in a dark place. You may find yourself in a place of uncertainty. You may find yourself surrounded by many challenges that are hard to overcome. But, despite everything that you go through I encourage you to be still and trust the process. Whatever you go through in the process stage is what you are meant to go through. You must endure every obstacle along the way. Regardless of how you may feel or how difficult things may seem. Regardless of how uncomfortable your situation is or how much pain you endure. Just remember that your pain has a purpose and your process has a meaning. The process is simply preparing you for the next level of your life. So, while going through the process stage remember its only preparation for what’s to come. The process is going to teach you, it’s going to shape you, and transform you into a new person – a better person.

It’s going to cost you a great price to accomplish your dreams and reach every goal that you have set. Each challenge will become harder than the one before. So knowing this you must allow the process to strengthen you in all the weak areas of your life. You may feel exhausted throughout the process but don’t give up. Each level requires a tremendous amount of energy and effort. The moment you want to quit, is the moment you need to keep going. You must grow through what you go through. The higher you elevate the harder it is to climb. But, keep climbing all the way to the top. Be determined! Be tenacious! Follow your heart, chase your dreams and believe in yourself no matter what. The process will not be easy, but it will be worth it.

Mountains are so beautiful yet so hard to climb… but the best view is at the top.

Thank you for reading OwnTheMoment!

Author: Fredrick Thompson

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