Poetry In Motion: Letting go❗️

Can I be honest?

I’ve been strong for a while but I can feel myself losing hope.

I smile to hide the pain inside that’s bleeding from my broken and tired soul.

Not to mention that I’m way too busy chasing dreams to explore the broken pieces…..so I question should I leave it? 🤔

All gas no breaks so no time to break now.

Driven by the cares of this world, I have no choice but to press forward through this highway of no console.

Acting careless, driving wreck less, crash and burn my life is hectic.

*Alarm Bell Rings ⏰*

I’ve made it through another night of broken dreams.

I’m tired but can’t rest.

Yesterday, I gave my best.

But still today I will do better.

So, still I rise but to no surprise life throws another blow.

Blow after blow.   
I still stand tall. 

Jab Left Hook. 💢 
My head hits the wall. 

Ring the alarm. 🛎
Here comes the fall.

🗣 “down goes Frazier”

With no strength left,

all hope weakens as my brokenness shatters.

A time for letting go really does matter.

Fredrick D. Thompson, poetry in motion.

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