Let Hope Breathe… Again

The year 2020 blasted off like a rocket into the night sky as millions watched in awe of what was anticipated to be the year of “The Vision”. Many believed it to be the redemption year. A new year that would restore the decades of lost years. A year of laughter and happiness.  A year that would bring forth a newness of morning joy. The year that would set the stage of a new decade.
The stunning glare from the liftoff gave the world a gratitude of hope. Hope that would soon fade away like a balloon in the sky. Never again to return the same.

The year 2020 fell short of everything we’d hope for. The world encountered many great tragedies and an astounding death rate that soared into the hundreds of thousands, toping each day as if it was a competition. Month after month economic uncertainty, natural disasters, world conflict and political strife grew to an all time high. It was a nightmare that shook the world at its core. What was once a glimmer of hope quickly turned into mourning of despair.
The world’s morning joy grew into nights of endless sorrow. For the people had experienced more heartbreaks in the first few months of 2020 than ever imagined. Day after day we all witnessed the horror of events.

If earlier the people needed hope like they needed to breathe, they need it even more now than ever. But what is there to hope for when the future is uncertain? What does the future hold for us and what will it become? I think the better question is “Who will we become?” As life evolves, so does society. For despite the uncertainties of the future and all that we’d lost in the past, let us rise from the peak of our sufferings. From the ashes we rebuild. Through uncertainty we create. 

May we bury the remains of yesterday and create the world we always needed. Goodbye 2020 and greetings to you 2021.

Writer: Fredrick D. Thompson

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